Software development is what Ndizais professionally has done for the last 3 years. We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs.


This is where we shine as a company. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves by developing high end web applications that can do what initially only PC based software could. Our programmers are proficient in multiple programming languages including PHP,Asp.Net, HTML, CSS, MySQL and JavaScript. At Ndizais we can program your website to perform just about anything you please. However complex your requirements are - with us you can be sure to receive a quality product that fulfils your every need.

We offer you the option to start off with a basic website that we can upgrade for you at a later stage if needed. This is possible as we build all of our products with a component-approach, meaning that additional components or functionality can easily be added to enhance your website. This gives you the freedom to grow your online presence, as your business and budget does.

We strongly believe that extensive process knowledge and understanding is required to deliver quality services and solution on this level.


Maintained Services seeks to give you real time monitoring of your systems solving problems before they occur.


If the self-building option is not for you, our unique, professional websites are our pride. Search engine friendly, user friendly and attractive.


The websites we build get listed on Google, MSN, and other major search engines much faster than the norm. - We guarantee that your website will receive its first visit from Google.


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